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SPX Torque Wrenches: Controlled Bolting Solutions


SPX Bolting systems offers a full line of torque wrenches and accessories for all your torque and tensioning tool needs. The comprehensive line of high performance torque wrenches helps achieve maximum uptime and durability. A few key factors set SPX torque wrenches in a class of their own:


  • Low Weight, high strength design

  • Fast operation cycle

  • Fine tooth pawl

  • Floating drive piston design

  • Superior torsional strength

  • Compact frame size

  • Internal swivel body construction

  • Corrosion resistant finish

  • Multi-axis high flow swivel manifold

  • Marathon lifetime warranty

The high quality design of SPX torque wrenches means lower cost of ownership due to less downtime and 2 to 3 times the cycle life of competitive torque wrenches. The light weight, high strength design also allows for enhanced usability. SPX torque wrenches can fit in tight spaces due to their compact nose radius, allowing them to accomodate almost any application.

SPX Bolting Systems offers a number of other products including high performance tensioners, nut splitters, flange spreaders and flange pullers.

Contact Northern Industrial Supply today for all your bolting system and accessory needs!

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Contact Northern Industrial Supply today for all your bolting system needs!


Dixon also offers a variety of accessories for their sanitary products, including filters, strainers, sanitary gauges, sight glasses, spraying equipment, couplings, tubing and gaskets. All Dixon Sanitary products are 3A compliant and are USDA and FDA approved. These products work perfectly in food and beverage applications of all types.