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Maxi-Lift: Industrial Elevator Buckets & Accessories


Maxi-Lift offers a complete line of elevator buckets and accessories for all types of industrial and agricultural applications. Their product lineup includes over 700 different bucket sizes, shapes and materials designed to give customers longer life, better reliability and a lower total cost of ownership.

Bucket materials include:

  • Polyethylene - perfect for food applications

  • Nylon – for hot and abrasive environments

  • Urethane – great for sticky and abrasive materials, as well as sharp cutting applications

  • Steel – available in several different styles

  • Ductile Iron – available in several different styles

Maxi-Lift also has a full line of accessories, including belting, belt splices, elevator bolts & accessories, pulley & lagging, and screw conveyor hanger bearings. Selecting Maxi-Lift buckets and accessories is easy:

  1. Measure your elevator bucket

  2. Select your bucket style

  3. Choose your bucket material

  4. Pick you bucket vent pattern

  5. Contact NIS for a quote and for additional engineering questions


Contact Northern Industrial Supply today for all your elevator bucket and accessory needs!

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Contact Northern Industrial Supply today for all your industrial elevator bucket needs!


Dixon also offers a variety of accessories for their sanitary products, including filters, strainers, sanitary gauges, sight glasses, spraying equipment, couplings, tubing and gaskets. All Dixon Sanitary products are 3A compliant and are USDA and FDA approved. These products work perfectly in food and beverage applications of all types.