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Thomson Actuators: Drop in Replacements for Linak Product

Do you currently have a Linak linear actuator that needs replacing? Let Northern Industrial Supply help you find a cost effective, drop in replacement from our Thomson line of actuation products. Whether it is for replacement or a new application, we can assist in interchanging your current Linak model with our wide variety of Thomson actuators and actuator systems, including stroke lengths and load forces to accomodate a broad range of applications. Thomson's product range includes:


  • Standard Linear Actuators - both standard and customizable, for a variety of applications.

  • Precision Linear Actuators - designed to deliver high performance in applications requiring continuous duty operation.

  • Hybrid Linear Actuators - combine stepper motors and precision lead screws into one, compact envelope.

  • Worm Gear Screw Jacks - ideal for various applications, regardless of lifting, lowering, tipping or moving.

Engineers are increasingly turning to Thomson linear actuators to solve motion applications where pneumatic, hydraulic and manual systems had been the choice. For compactness and light weight, quieter operation, ruggedness, energy efficiency and reliability, the Thomson line of linear actuator solutions does the job admirably.

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